You are not a list of symptoms in a manual and you are not alone.

Our goal is to work with who you are and the quality of life you seek.

The breakneck speed at which life seems to move can leave one feeling overworked; both at the job and keeping pace socially, with little room for rest.

But in this day and age stress does not only come from a relationship, job, or finances. For instance, one needs to look no further than their pocket or purse, wherever their cell phone is kept. Unlimited connectivity!

However, even something so loved such as a iPhone, or Android, adds to our stress.

Farhad Manjoo of The New York Times wrote about the quality of life achieved simply by turning off the news notifications on his phone, “unplugging” from social media, and consuming his news solely from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Gone were the frequent interruptions by notifications and alerts. He writes about feeling less anxious, more productive, and being “…a more attentive husband and father”.

Simply by turning off the constant stream of daily interruptions he found himself free to be himself, rather than constantly immersed in social media or waiting for the next update on the current news items.

Although, this shift worked for him it is not for everybody. Rather, an example of the age in which we live and where stress might lurk that can impact our daily life.

Are you experiencing persistent negative thoughts, restlessness and even physical symptoms like muscle tension and an inability to sleep?

Many individuals may excel in their careers and look calm to friends and family on the surface, but experience these symptoms of anxiety. Persistent negative thoughts may debilitate a person with anxiety. Feelings of “I can’t do anything right,” “I’m not good enough in my job,” or “I always let everyone down.”

If you find yourself experiencing these feelings of anxiety, You are not alone; 18 percent of adults are affected by an anxiety disorder each year.

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