You are not a list of symptoms in a manual and you are not alone.

Our goal is to work with who you are and the quality of life you seek.

Even though the diagnostic manual lays out specific criteria for the diagnosis of Depressive or Anxiety, among other, disorders each person experiences these symptoms in their own unique way.

Sometimes these symptoms are easily recognizable to those closest to the person suffering, other times the person suffers in silence putting on a front that “everything is ok”.

For some, the suffering impacts their family and loved ones. For some, the suffering impacts their school or work performance. For some, the suffering impacts their social relationships with friends. For some, it is a combination of all of these.

Depression has many faces.

Low-functioning depression includes symptoms such as withdrawal from friends or favorite activities, crying, hopelessness, or trouble sleeping. People with high-functioning depression may seem like they have it together all the time, but on the inside they are experiencing feelings of intense sadness, irritability, and feel out of it. And, they may experience a need to be perfect all the time.

Because there is a stigma attached many people keep their sadness hidden and suffer alone. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide leading to not being able to carry out daily functions and possibly other illnesses.

The process of recovery can feel scary and frustrating but you don’t have to go through it alone.
We can work together to help you experience relief and wellbeing.

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